Mobile Fingerprinting

DIstinctive Biometrics Mobile Fingerprinting in Pensacola

Mobile Fingerprinting Pensacola

Unable to make it to Distinctive Biometrics? We can come to you!

Our experienced fingerprint technicians can service you at your Pensacola area home or office via a mobile fingerprinting appointment. 

There is no minimum number of people required for a mobile appointment, as we are able to come to your location for one person's fingerprints. However, our mobile fingerprinting appointments are able to accommodate a large number of people as well. 

Methods of Fingerprinting

Traditional Ink And Roll

The original way to take fingerprints by applying ink to an FD-258 Fingerprint card.

Electronic Live Scan

Our software allows us to use digital live scan fingerprinting methods, allowing for faster transmission times. 

FDLE Fingerprint Cards

We stock FDLE fingerprint cards in our office to record your fingerprints. 

Types of Fingerprint Cards

  • FD - 258 Cards
  • FINRA Cards
  • NFA Cards
  • FDLE Cards
  • SF-87 Cards
  • Level 1 Clearance Card

Reasons For FDLE Fingerprinting

State Purposes

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement requires background checks for various state-specific reasons. 

Personal Review

It is always a good idea to know what is on your FDLE Background Check, especially while on a job search. 


FDLE Background checks are sometimes required before as a condition of employment in the state of Florida. 



The Appointment Process

Choose A Date and Time

Choose your convenient time from the calendar. 

Choose Your Service

Select your desired service you want from us.

We Come To You

As per given time and date visit us face to face and deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

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