Florida Background Checks

Pensacola Florida Background Checks at Distinctive Biometrics. For Level 1 or 2 Purposes.

Florida Background Checks In Pensacola

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is responsible for handling all Florida background checks. Distinctive Biometrics is able to take your fingerprints and submit them to the FDLE via our channeling partner.

Some state employees are required to get an FDLE Background check on a periodic basis. You can request a state-only copy of a criminal history record check under Florida state law. 

Be sure to have an ORI number before making your FDLE Background Check Appointment. Your ORI number states why you are getting a background check and where to send your results. Applicants are usually given instructions from the agency which will include an ORI number.

Methods of FDLE Background Checks

Electronic Live Scan

Our live scan software allows us to use a secure connection to end digital live scan fingerprinting to the FDLE. 

Reasons For Florida Background Checks

State Purposes

The FDLE sometimes requires background checks for various reasons in the state of Florida. 

Personal Review

Individuals tend to get a background check while in a job search to see what is on their own criminal history. 


FDLE Background checks are sometimes required as an employment condition before applying for a job within Florida. 

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